Foot Pamper

Theraputic Ultrasound

In physical therapy involves using a round-headed probe that is in direct contact with the patients skin. Gel is used both on the probe and the patients skin to reduce friction and assist transmission of ultrasonic waves. These waves are generated by piezoelectric effect, crystals in the head of the probe vibrate in response to the electricity producing ultrasound. These absorb in the injured soft tissue from 2-5cm, with decrease of intensity as waves penetrate deeper.

Three primary benefits of ultrasound:

• Speeds up the healing process by increase blood flow to area treated.
• Decrease in pain from the reduction of swelling and oedema.
• Gentle massage of muscles, tendons and ligaments and scar tissue is softened and enhance cell-repair.


Foot Pamper

If you just need a Foot Pamper

You don’t need a medical foot condition to visit our clinic. For your tired, aching feet all you need a bit of a pamper and relaxation than we offer Reflexology and Thai Foot massage by our qualified registered Holistic practitioner.


An ancient healing art. A deeply relaxing and very popular rebalancing zone therapy targeting reflex points of the feet connected to our body organs and systems assisting the body to regulate the healing response, providing soothing, relaxing comfort and pain relief.

Thai Foot Massage

Invigorating massage for feet and lower legs. Uses traditional Thai wooden acupressure tool to work on the knots and tension of the feet to release these acupressure points. A massage involving gentle stretching techniques to re-energise tired feet.